Effectively reduce unconscious bias in recruitment

The first scientifically proven effective program to reduce unconscious bias in recruitment: 80% of recruiters significantly reduce their biases

Why tackle unconscious bias in recruitment?

Most recruitments are impacted by unconscious bias. Even when comparing 2 male, light skinned, young candidates, biases come into play. The candidate with a symetric face will be seen as more trustworthy, the taller one as a better leader

Automating recruitment processes using artificial intelligence or other solutions is tempting. But machine learning consists in leveraging past data which most often includes biases. “Obvious” solutions such as removing ethnicity or gender from datasets in fact increase bias.

Helping humans to make more objective decisions is therefore a requisite for objective decisions

Neurovalue reduces unconscious bias in recruitment. We deliver cognitive tools, bias free recruitment processes, in person and digital trainings. You effectively reduce unconscious bias and hire the best candidates, faster.

You cannot change what you do not know:
Neurovalue Unconscious Bias Tests

For individuals, awareness for biases is the first step to make objective decisions and change behaviors. For organizations, our user friendly unconscious bias tests generate large scale awareness and produce quantified reports.


We will guide you to choose a sample of up to 8 themes from our general list of 15. 

Several schemes are available to take our tests: on an individual, test by test basis; on a survey basis, to provide access to a specific sample of individuals over a few weeks; on an annual basis.


Each organization develops specific unconscious assumptions about people performance. We will uncover your unique assumptions with custom Tests.

Eliminate unconscious bias :
The Neurovalue Inclusion Boosters© program

Inclusion Boosters© is the fist proven effective program to eliminate unconscious bias. Our data shows that 40% of participants become bias neutral in a few weeks. 80% of program participants see a reduction in their biases. The program includes three steps -awareness, learn, practice, ie ALP. It can be delivered 100% online or with a mix of in person interactions.

Identify a specific set of biases you intend to target

Debrief the test and learn techniques to address biases

Exercise effective behaviors and decision making techniques over 8 weeks

Our impact : The first program with quantitative results to eliminate bias

* Based on samples of 450 executives across several change management programs. Data gathered with tests results and records of actual hiring decisions.

Assess and adapt your recruitment process to reduce unconscious bias

Our automatic System 1 makes judgment about people in just a few seconds. This significantly drives behaviors and decisions. Yet, most decision making processes are solely designed for our controlled System 2, the rational system.

At Neurovalue, we design recruitment processes that integrate both System 1 and 2, for more objectiveness and efficiency to eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment.

We analyse in depth the impact of your recruitment process on the objectiveness of your decisions. We identify each element that generates unconscious biases in recruitment. Is your chatbot neutral? Does your AI integrate human biases and which ones? How does your recruitment software sort resumes? Which mental inferences and unconscious biases are created by the tools and criteria you use? How can these be addressed?

We then systematically tackle each element, including small cues, that create unconscious bias in your recruitment. We also enhance the effectiveness of your recruitment process so that you spend time on value added tasks.